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Saskatchewan Court Decisions


Saskatchewan Legislation

  1. Bills
  2. Current Bills—Alphabetically … These are bills as introduced (without subsequent amendments) in the current legislative session.
  3. Current Bills—Numerically … This list shows the progress of each bill.
  4. Bills—First Reading … [Queen’s Printer] — On the Queen’s Printer web site, scroll down to click on the link for “Bills” to see bills as introduced (without subsequent amendments) each year, starting with 1997.
  5. Chaptered Statutes … [Queen’s Printer] — On the Queen’s Printer web site, scroll down to click on the link for “Separate Chapters” to see the session laws (also called third-reading bills) enacted in each legislative session, starting with 1997. See also “Tables” for an overview of the status of acts and regulations, including name, chapter number, dates of original enactment and amendments, and effective date.

  6. Consolidated Statutes of Saskatchewan … [Queen’s Printer] — On the Queen’s Printer web site, scroll down to click on the link for “Acts (Consolidated Statutes)” to see the codified laws.

    Additional Resources
    Summaries of Administered Acts … [Justice Department]


Saskatchewan Rules of Procedure and Practice

  1. Rules of Court … [Queen’s Printer] — On the Queen’s Printer web site, scroll down to click on the link for “Rules of Court” to see links to documents containing Queen’s Bench rules, Queen’s Bench forms, an index to Queen’s Bench rules and forms, rules respecting criminal proceedings, Court of Appeal rules, tariff of costs, and Queen’s Bench practice directives (also links to a list of judges, courthouse addresses, etc., as well as selected Federal Court rules and repealed Court of Appeal rules).

  2. Code of Professional Conduct … [Law Society of Saskatchewan]


Saskatchewan Administrative Law Sources

  1. Consolidated Regulations … [Queen’s Printer] — On the Queen’s Printer web site, scroll down to click on the link for “Regulations.”

  2. Saskatchewan Gazette … [Queen’s Printer] — On the Queen’s Printer web site, scroll down to click on the link for “The Saskatchewan Gazette.” This is published weekly in three parts. Part I contains official government notices, orders in council, and those private notices required to be published by statute. Parts II and III contain the official versions of regulations as enacted. On-line issues start with 1994.


Saskatchewan Ordinances and Home-Rule Charters

These are charters (that is, organic laws, however denominated) and bylaws of municipalities — cities, towns, etc. —, which either are available on the municipality’s web site or can be freely accessed on the web site of a commercial publisher or other provider.

  1. Charters
    Note that a charter could be included in a collection of bylaws (see below) instead of being separately accessible.

  2. Bylaws
    For municipalities marked with an asterisk (*), summaries of bylaws, but not the texts, can be viewed.


Saskatchewan Law-Related Periodicals

Periodicals providing on-line articles are linked here. See also links to web sites of all Canadian-published law reviews and periodicals as well as links to all U.S.-published law-review web sites.

  1. Benchers’ Digest … This is the newsletter of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, starting with the issue for October 1997.


Other Saskatchewan Commentary

  1. A Guide to Doing Business in Saskatchewan. MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP. … [Lex Mundi]


Saskatchewan Law-Related Topical Web Sites


Saskatchewan Court Information

  1. Web Sites


Saskatchewan Forms

  1. Court of Queen’s Bench Forms … These are on the Queen’s Printer web site (scroll down to click on the link for “Rules of Court”; then scroll down to click on the link for “Queen’s Bench Forms”; then scroll down to click on the “Open Document” button).

  2. Justice Department Forms


Other Saskatchewan Resources

  1. Provincial Government
    See links to all government departments and organizations.
  2. Additional Resources
    ¶ Vital Records — Contact Information
    ¶ Workers’ Compensation — Staff Contact Information … [Robert W. McDowell / North Carolina Industrial Commission]

  3. Bar Associations
  4. Law Society of Saskatchewan
  5. Canadian Bar Association — Saskatchewan Branch
  6. Association des juristes d'expression franĀaise de la Saskatchewan … “L’Association des juristes d’expression franĀaise de la Saskatchewan [AJEFS] est l’organisme qui a pour mission de voir au développement et à la promotion des droits et des services en franĀais auprès des instances juridiques et gouvernementales. L’AJEFS a pour mandat d’informer et de sensibiliser la population fransaskoise sur la vulgarisation des lois et l’utilisation des services juridiques en franĀais.” (This organization can help with finding a French-speaking lawyer in Saskatchewan.)
  7. Law Schools ♦ Law Society Membership ♦ Continuing Legal Education


Legal Research and Assistance

  1. Law Libraries



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