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Québec Court Decisions


Québec Legislation

  1. BillsProjets de loi
    These links provide access to texts of bills not assented-to (in a list of all introduced bills, including bills assented-to). A bill assented-to is classified as a statute (see below).

  2. Statutes of Québec (S.Q.) [session laws]
    Lois du Québec

  3. Revised Statutes of Québec (R.S.Q.)
    Lois refondues du Québec

    Additional Resources


Québec Rules of Procedure and Practice


Québec Administrative Law Sources

  1. Revised Regulations of Québec (R.R.Q.)
    Règlements refondues du Québec

  2. Labour Tribunal Decisions • Décisions du Commission des relations du travail

  3. Judges Council Decisions • Décisions du Conseil de la magistrature


Québec Ordinances and Home-Rule Charters

These are charters (that is, organic laws, however denominated) and bylaws of municipalities — cities, towns, etc. —, which either are available on the municipality’s web site or can be freely accessed on the web site of a commercial publisher or other provider.

  1. Charters
    Note that a charter could be included in a collection of bylaws (see below) instead of being separately accessible.

  2. Bylaws


Québec Law-Related Periodicals

Periodicals providing on-line articles are linked here. See also links to web sites of all Canadian-published law reviews and periodicals as well as links to all U.S.-published law-review web sites.

  1. Themis Review of Law • La Revue Juridique Thémis … [Univ. of Montreal Faculty of Law]
  2. University of Québec at Montreal Law Review (UQAM L. Rev.) • Revue des étudiants en droit de l’UQÀM


Other Québec Commentary

  1. Doing Business in Québec. Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP. … [Lex Mundi]


Québec Law-Related Topical Web Sites


Québec Court Information

  1. Human Rights TribunalTribunal des droits de la personne


Québec Forms


Other Québec Resources

  1. Provincial Government

    Gouvernement de la Province
  2. Additional Resources
    ¶ Vital Records — Contact Information
    ¶ Workers’ Compensation — Staff Contact Information … [Robert W. McDowell / North Carolina Industrial Commission]

  3. Bar Associations
  4. Québec BarBarreau du Québec
  5. Canadian Bar Association — Québec Branch • Association du Barreau canadien — Division du Québec
  6. Law Schools ♦ Law Society Membership ♦ Continuing Legal Education
  7. Société québécoise d'information juridique

  8. Consulate General of the United States in Québec CityConsulat général des États-Unis à Québec


Legal Research and Assistance

  1. Law Libraries



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