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Guam Court Decisions

  1. Supreme Court (Guam)

  2. U.S. District Court (D. Guam)

    Additional Resources
    ¶ Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals—Jurisdiction … Public Law 108-378 (October 30, 2004) removed from the Organic Act of Guam (see below) a provision that formerly empowered the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to review by writ of certiorari all final decisions of the highest court of Guam from which a decision could be had.


Guam Organic Law and Legislation

  1. Organic Act of Guam

    Additional Resources

    NOTE—Guam is an unincorporated, organized territory of the United States. It is “unincorporated” because not all provisions of the U.S. Constitution apply to the territory. Guam is an “organized” territory because Congress provided the territory with an organic act, under which the Secretary of the Interior has administrative responsibility for the territory. The organic act provides for a republican form of government with locally elected executive and legislative branches and an appointed judicial branch. The judicial system includes a territorial supreme court and a U.S. district court.

    ¶ Acts of Congress
  2. Guam Organic Act Amendments of 1998
  3. Guam Excess Lands Act
  4. Guam Development Fund Act of 1968
  5. Guam Elective Governor Act
  6. Bills of the Guam Legislature

    Bills for the current session might also be found at the “Bob’s Office” legislative web site (created by a former Guam senator, Robert Klitzkie).
  7. Public Laws of Guam (Guam Pub. L.)
  8. Guam Code (Guam Code)


Guam Rules of Procedure and Practice

  1. Rules of Procedure

    See also links to all Guam court rules.
  2. Rules of Practice


Guam Administrative Law Sources

  1. Regulations
    1. Guam Administrative Rules

  2. Opinions • Decisions • Orders • Rulings


Guam Ordinances and Home-Rule Charters

Ordinances are local laws, commonly organized into codes, that have been enacted by municipalities — cities, towns, etc. — and counties. Charters are organic laws (similar in function to a constitution) of those local government entities for which “home rule” is authorized by state law.

  1. Charters
    Note that a charter could be included in a collection of ordinances (see below) instead of being separately accessible.
  2. County Ordinances
    Click on the button keyed to the name of the county. NOTE: On some web sites, selecting the state is necessary for access to the ordinances link.
  3. Municipal Ordinances
    Click on the button keyed to the name of the municipality. NOTE: On some web sites, selecting the state is necessary for access to the ordinances link.


Guam Law-Related Periodicals

Periodicals providing on-line articles are linked here. See also links to web sites of all U.S.-published law reviews and periodicals.


Other Guam Commentary


Guam Law-Related Topical Web Sites


Guam Court Information

See generally the Guam Unified Courts Web Site. See also links to state court web sites, maintained by the National Center for State Courts. Additionally, the Ballotpedia.org web site presents information about courts and judges in the state, covering both state courts and federal courts, in a Wikipedia-style format.
  1. Web Sites


Guam Forms

  1. Guam Superior Court: Forms
  2. Guam Small Claims Court: Forms

  3. U.S. District Court: Forms
  4. U.S. Bankruptcy Court: Forms


Other Guam Resources

  1. Government-Related Web Sites

    See also the Piper Resources list of sites.
  2. Additional Resources
    ¶ Vital Records — Contact Information … [Elizabeth Orsay (Ind.)]
    ¶ Workers’ Compensation — Agency Contact Information … [Robert W. McDowell / N.C. Indus. Comm’n]

  3. Board of Law Examiners

  4. Guam Bar Association


Legal Research and Assistance

  1. Guam Law Library

  2. Low-Cost Legal Aid … See also the web site for LawHelp.org and the web site for SelfHelpSupport.org.
    1. Guam Legal Services Corporation … Contact information only.
    2. WomensLaw.org — Sources of Legal Help … [WomensLaw.org (N.Y.)] — Sources of legal help (not limited to legal help for women) include domestic-violence resources listed by city or town, free or low-cost legal services, and lawyer referral services.



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