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United States Law-Related Periodicals

These are links to federal and national periodicals (that is, non-state-specific law reviews). Publications that provide on-line access to ar­ti­cles are listed in boldface. See also links to all U.S.-published law reviews and periodicals with web sites.


Commentary on United States Constitutional Issues

See also, at the Library of Congress web site, a page on documents related to the constitution.


Commentary on United States Legislation

  1. Congressional Committee Reports:
     … Reports are available from the 104th Congress (1995–1996) forward. See also the OpenCongress web site: “Open­Con­gress brings to­ge­ther official government data with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind each bill.”
  2. Congressional Research Service Reports … [Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, D.C.] — The Con­gres­sional Re­search Service does not make its reports available to the public, but selected reports (from about 1990 forward) may be available on the web sites linked here. Report titles, dates, and abstracts, indexed under numerous subject headings, are available at the Penny Hill Press web site (limited to reports issued after 1992), where the texts of reports can be accessed for a fee.
  3. Legislative History
  4. Bankruptcy Code
  5. Environmental Legislation
  6. Miscellaneous Federal Legislation


Commentary on United States Regulatory Activity


United States Law-Discussion Forums

These are interactive discussion groups on law-related topics (not including law-related newsgroups). Some organizations that call themselves “forums” are linked elsewhere under “Organizations Related to the Practice of Law.”

  1. Web Logs — Blogs — Blawgs … Law-related web logs (blogs), sometimes called “blawgs,” abound. The links here point to compiled lists of URLs for selected blawgs.
  2. American Bar Association Forums:
  3. Martindale-Hubbell Forums:
     … These are consumer-oriented forums: questions from nonlawyers are addressed by lawyers. The company also sponsors Law Blog on Lawyers.com, a forum for discussions between lawyers.
  4. Independent Forums


Other United States Commentary

  1. Collections of On-line Articles
  2. Topical On-line Articles
  3. Tribal Law Profiles:
    … These are published in the Tribal Law Journal by the University of New Mexico School of Law.
  4. United States Court Decisions


United States Law-Related Topical Web Sites

  1. Admiralty Law … See also Maritime Law, below.

  2. Agriculture Law
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  4. American Indian Law … See Native American Law, below.
  5. Americans With Disabilities Act
  6. Animal Law
  7. Antitrust Law
  8. Bankruptcy Law
  9. Business Law
  10. Computer Law
  11. Construction Law
  12. Consumer Law
  13. Copyrights … See also Intellectual Property — In General, below.
  14. Crimes • Crime Victims • Criminal Law
  15. Cyberspace Law
  16. Divorce and Domestic Relations
  17. E-Commerce … See Cyberspace Law, above.
  18. Elder Law … See also “An Older Person’s Guide to Finding Legal Help” (formerly published at the Federal Citizen Information Center) by Legal Counsel for the Elderly, Inc., which is connected with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).
  19. Elections and Politics Law
  20. Employment Law
  21. Environmental Law
  22. Estate Planning
  23. Farmland Protection
  24. Federal Law Enforcement
  25. First Amendment
  26. Forensic Science
  27. Forfeiture
  28. Health Law
  29. Historic Preservation
  30. Human Rights … See also International Law, below.
  31. Immigration Law
  32. Income Tax … See Taxation, below.
  33. Indian Law … See Native American Law, below.
  34. Intellectual Property — In General … See also Copyrights, above, and Patents, below.
  35. International Law … See also links to U.S. international law sources (such as treaties).
  36. Internet Law … See Cyberspace Law, above.
  37. Jewish Law
  38. Litigation
  39. Loans
  40. Maritime Law … See also Admiralty Law, above.
  41. Mental Health … See Health Law, above.
  42. Military Law
  43. Native American Law
  44. Patents … See also Intellectual Property, above.
  45. Political Law … See Elections and Politics Law, above.
  46. Population Law
  47. Privacy
  48. Qui Tam Actions
  49. Securities Law
  50. Senior Citizens … See Elder Law, above.
  51. Taxation


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