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New York Court Decisions

A diagram of the state court system (called a “Court Structure Chart” and including a summary of each court’s jurisdiction) is available on the web site of the National Center for State Courts.

    For additional state courts, see the web site for the unified state court system.
    West Group Slip Opinions: 

    Additional Resources
    Court of Appeals Decisions … [Cornell Law Sch. (N.Y.), Legal Information Inst.] — See also a topical index of decisions in this database.
    ¶ U.S. Bankruptcy Court Decisions — Northern District … Interface for decisions by Albany Division or Utica Division.


New York Constitution and Legislation

See also a database of statewide ballot measures maintained by the National Conference of State Legislatures.
  1. Constitution (N.Y. Const.)

  2. Bills
    See also the New York State Assembly and Senate web sites.

  3. Laws of New York (N.Y. Laws)
    Only the most-recent chaptered laws are available. Access is provided through a list of chaptered laws (click on “Chapters”).

  4. Consolidated Laws
    See also the unconsolidated laws (scroll down in the bottom frame). This official web site presents a clunky interface using JavaScript. The FindLaw interface (see Additional Resources, below) is better but might not return the most-current data.

    Keyword(s) • Search Help
    Consolidated Laws for:  
    This text-search function is provided by FindLaw (West Group).

    Additional Resources
    Consolidated Laws … [FindLaw (West Group)] — An alternative collection.


New York Rules of Procedure and Practice

  1. Court Rules • Rules of Procedure
  2. Rules of Practice • Judicial Rules • Professional Ethics Decisions
  3. Additional Resources
    U.S. District Court Rules for the Eastern and Southern Districts … [E.D.N.Y.] — Alternative source for the combined local admiralty, civil, and criminal rules for the Eastern District and Southern District of New York, in a PDF file.


New York Administrative Law Sources

See also a page of links to sources of rules, maintained by the Administrative Codes and Registers Section of the National Association of Secretaries of State.
  1. Regulations
    1. Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations (N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs.)
    2. New York State Register (N.Y. St. Reg.)

  2. Opinions • Decisions • Orders • Rulings
  3. Additional Resources
    ¶ Department of Financial Services Regulations — Banking Industry and Insurance Industry


New York Ordinances and Home-Rule Charters

Ordinances are local laws, commonly organized into codes, that have been enacted by municipalities — cities, towns, etc. — and counties. Charters are organic laws (similar in function to a constitution) of those local government entities for which “home rule” is authorized by state law. For local laws not found through the links given here, try the county web sites and municipality web sites at “State and Local Government on the Net” by Piper Resources, or a publisher’s web site:
  • American Legal Publishing Corp.
  • General Code, LLC
  • Municipal Code Corp.
    1. Charters
      Note that a charter could be included in a collection of ordinances (see below) instead of being separately accessible.
    2. County Ordinances
      Click on the button keyed to the name of the county. NOTE: On some web sites, selecting the state is necessary for access to the ordinances link.
    3. Municipal Ordinances (Except New York City)
      Click on the button keyed to the name of the municipality. NOTE: On some web sites, selecting the state is necessary for access to the ordinances link.
    4. New York City Local Laws
    5. Charter of the City of New York
    6. Administrative Code of the City of New York
    7. Legislation … This web site covers city council sessions from 1998 forward.
    8. Additional Resources
      New York City Charter, Administrative Code, and Rules … [New York Legal Publishing Corp.]
      New York City Building Code … [New York City Department of Buildings] — Links to related materials including information on the electrical code (with the code text) and links to the department’s policy and procedure notices (back to 1987) are provided on the same page.
      New York City Zoning Resolution … [New York City Department of City Planning] — Access to the text of the resolution (which is the city’s zoning ordinance) and access to zoning maps.
      New York City False Claims Act — Questions and Answers … [Perry & Campanelli, LLP (N.Y.)]


    New York Law-Related Periodicals

    Periodicals providing on-line articles are linked here. See also links to all New York law-review web sites as well as links to web sites of all U.S.-published law reviews and periodicals.

    1. Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal (Cardozo Arts & Ent. L.J.)
    2. Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution (Cardozo J. Conflict Res.)
    3. Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender (Cardozo J. L. & Gender)
    4. Cardozo Law Review (Cardozo L. Rev.)
    5. Columbia Law Review (Colum. L. Rev.)
    6. East European Constitutional Review (E. Eur. Const. Rev.) … [New York Univ. Sch. of Law] — The constitution-making process in the post-Communist nations of Eastern and Central Europe, from the perspectives of political science, legal theory, and the sociology of law.
    7. Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal (Fordham Intell. Prop. Media & Ent. L.J.)
    8. Hofstra Law Review (Hofstra L. Rev.)
    9. Journal of Catholic Legal Studies (J. Catholic Legal Stud.) … [St. John’s Univ. Sch. of Law] — Formerly titled The Catholic Lawyer.
    10. Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development (J. Civ. Rts. & Econ. Dev.) … [St. John’s Univ. Sch. of Law] — Formerly titled Journal of Legal Commentary.
    11. Journal of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (J. Race, Gender & Ethnicity) … [Touro College, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center]
    12. National Tax Journal (Nat’l Tax J.) … [National Tax Association]
    13. New York Law School Law Review (N.Y. L. Sch. L. Rev.)
    14. New York State Bar Journal (N.Y. St. B.J.)
    15. New York State Bar News (N.Y. St. B. News)
    16. New York University Annual Survey of American Law (N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L.) … [New York Univ. Sch. of Law] — This journal “is dedicated to exploring contemporary legal developments in the United States. Annual Survey articles analyze emerging legal trends, interpret significant recent court decisions and legislation, and explain leading legal scholars’ and judges’ perspectives on current legal topics.”
    17. New York University Environmental Law Journal (N.Y.U. Envtl. L.J.)
    18. New York University Journal of International Law & Politics (N.Y.U. J. Int'l L. & Pol.)
    19. New York University Journal of Law & Business (N.Y.U. J. L. & Bus.)
    20. New York University Journal of Law & Liberty (N.Y.U. J. L. & Liberty)
    21. New York University Law Review (N.Y.U. L. Rev.)
    22. St. John’s Law Review (St. John’s L. Rev.)
    23. Touro Law Review (Touro L. Rev.)


    Other New York Commentary

    1. Center for New York City Law … [New York Law Sch.] — “The Center for New York City Law was founded in 1993 by New York Law School Professor Ross Sandler. The academic and public mission of the Center is to provide information about, and analysis of, the laws and legal processes that govern New York City. The Center’s ultimate goal is to make the City’s government and decisions more fair, comprehensible and open to the public. . . . The Center writes and edits publications; sponsors events, courses and symposia; develops urban government courses and curricula; maintains a research-based Web site [which is linked here]; and owns a specialized New York City Charter and government library.”

    2. Collateral Consequences of Criminal Charges … [Columbia Univ. Sch. of Law] — “The collateral consequences of criminal prosecutions are growing in number, scope and duration. These consequences are frequently hidden, making it extremely difficult for judges, practitioners and the public they serve to fully appreciate what lies ahead. [¶] Our mission is to create an online collaborative forum where judges, lawyers and scholars can learn more about collateral consequences. Here, you will find high-quality content managed by experts in the major areas of New York law where collateral consequences occur.”

    3. Doing Business in New York State: A Legal Guide for Foreign Companies … [Pitegoff Law Office PLLC (N.Y.)]

    4. Legal Handbook for Early Stage Business … [Albany Law Sch.] — This publication provides resources and educational tools to address legal issues that may arise during early-stage business formation.

    5. Practice Handbook on Certification of State Law Questions by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to the New York State Court of Appeals (2nd ed. 2006) … [Advisory Group to the New York State and Federal Judicial Council] — “This is a revised edition of the Practice Handbook, which was developed by the Advisory Group to the New York State and Federal Judicial Council and originally published in 2000, to provide readily accessible guidance to attorneys litigating within the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit faced with the possibility that their clients may wish, or other parties may ask, the federal court to refer state law issues to the New York Court of Appeals for determination, or that the Second Circuit may certify state law questions sua sponte.”


    New York Law-Related Topical Web Sites


    New York Court Information

    See also links to state court web sites, maintained by the National Center for State Courts. Additionally, the Ballotpedia.org web site presents information about courts and judges in the state, covering both state courts and federal courts, in a Wikipedia-style format.
    1. Web Sites


    New York Forms

    1. Litigation Forms
    2. Miscellaneous Court Forms
    3. Forms of Criminal Jury Instructions
    4. U.S. District Court Forms — Northern District
    5. Transaction Forms
    6. Living Will Proxy Form … [New York State Bar Ass’n] — Available also in a Spanish version.
    7. Health Care Proxy Form … [New York State Dep't of Health] — Available also in a Spanish version, a Russian version, and a Chinese version.
    8. Government Agencies’ Forms
    9. Department of Taxation and Finance: Tax Forms
    10. New York City Department of Finance Forms
    11. Business Entity Forms …[Paracorp, Inc. (Cal.)] — Convenient interface to view and print in-blank official state forms (in PDF files) for filing by business entities. A JavaScript-enabled browser is required.


    Other New York Resources

    1. Government-Related Web Sites

      See also the Piper Resources list of sites.
    2. Additional Resources
      ¶ Vital Records — Contact Information … [Elizabeth Orsay (Ind.)]
      ¶ Workers’ Compensation — Agency Contact Information … [Robert W. McDowell / N.C. Indus. Comm’n]

    3. Bar Associations • Law-Related Organizations
      New York City: 
      Other Local: 
      See the National Federation of Paralegal Associations for links to websites of member organizations.

    4. Law Schools • Admission to Practice • Continuing Legal Education
    5. Consulates of Canada and Mexico • ConsulatsConsulados
    6. Consulate General of Canada in New York
    7. Consulate General of Mexico in New York • Consulado General de México en New York


    Legal Research and Assistance

    1. Law Libraries
      See also a directory of New York county law libraries and a directory of New York court libraries.

      See also links to web sites of public law libraries and catalogs of academic law libraries, maintained by the library at Washburn University School of Law; and the LibrarySites.Info database of library web sites (“Libcat”).
    2. Department of Financial Services — Consumer Information … Consumer-oriented information on topics such as financing the purchase of a car, predatory (sub-prime) lending, bank accounts, home mortgage loans, reverse mortgage loans, and insurance.

    3. Bankruptcy Law and Procedures for New York Residents … [Calicchia & Kinast LLP (Ohio)] — This web site, presented by a Cleveland bankruptcy law firm, covers basic information about the bankruptcy process, describes debt consolidation and credit counseling as alternatives to bankruptcy, lists the property that an individual is allowed to keep (with citations to governing provisions of New York law), and gives information about the bankruptcy courts and how to contact bankruptcy attorneys in New York.

    4. Low-Cost Legal Aid … See also the web site for LawHelp.org and the web site for SelfHelpSupport.org.
      1. New York Legal Help for the Poor … [Am. Bar Ass’n] — Contact information for statewide and local legal-aid programs, from the ABA’s Directory of Pro Bono Programs. The ABA also provides a page of links to pro bono programs’ web sites.
      2. WomensLaw.org — Sources of Legal Help … [WomensLaw.org (N.Y.)] — Sources of legal help (not limited to legal help for women) include statewide domestic-violence resources, local domestic-violence resources listed by city or town, free or low-cost legal services, and lawyer referral services.



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